Dubai villa Design

Dubai villa Design

Intro: Minus Villa – Kalbod Design Studio

 The project consists of 3 levels (2 levels on the ground and 1 level underground) with an area of about 500 square meters. According to client requests, the design involves a suite for guests on the ground floor, 4 master bedrooms on the first floor, 2 pools (outside and inside the house), and a roof garden. 

modern villa interior design in dubaiVilla interior design in the Dubai

The idea follows a contextual architecture inspired by the vernacular texture of the minus area to preserve the two trees on the site.

In this project, we tried to emphasize the quality of the interior by creating an introverted form while creating privacy. A triangular piece on site plan, helped us to solve access between the landscape and building well.

Interior design of a villa in UAE

Design of villas in the UAE

modern villa interior design in Dubai

Contrary to the common notions that see the architecture of Arab countries as a glamorous and luxurious approach, by searching among the latest buildings designed in this region, we are faced with a significant change in the taste of designers and clients. The trend towards the design of villas in the UAE and interior design based on the request of the employer and not just the cultural requirements of society is an important issue that has emerged in the latest Dubai villa design as one of the most important areas for designing and building villas. Accordingly, in this article, the newest villa interior design in the Dubai and the features used in their architecture will be discussed. The first example is a smart villa that won in the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East, and the next ones are villas with a private employer focusing on modern villa interior design in Dubai. Kalbod Company is proud to provide you with all the information you need about the Design and architecture of villas in Dubai


FutureHAUS Dubai, 2018; a sustainable Dubai villa design

FutureHAUS as an example of the design of villas in the UAE is the winner of the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East, which is an international competition held in Dubai that challenges architecture groups to design and build a solar-powered and energy-positive smart home. This Dubai villa design is assembled as eighteen programming cartridges that contain complex technologies and home systems that allow the house to be assembled in just two days.

modern villa interior design in dubai

The cartridge manufacturing process in a factory reduces material waste, site disruption, and on-site manufacturing time. The cartridges are constructed with SIP structural insulated panels that provide both a tight cover and high insulation values ​​while the vacuum-sealed door assembly provides the same performance as an opaque wall. The ceiling plenum is covered with phase change material to passively cool the house during the night.

Villa interior design in the Dubai

The interior design of a villa in UAE: FutureHAUS

In the villa interior design in the Dubai, the white glass facade encloses the house and acts as a rain screen that removes heat from the wall assembly. In the modern villa interior design in Dubai A perforated screen wall defines the perimeter of the envelope and protects it from direct sunlight during the day. The south garden has native plants that shade the living areas and are resilient in the desert climate.

Design of villas in the UAE and the sustainable approach in the FutureHAUS

In FutureHAUS; an example of the Dubai villa design solar canopy acts like a tree, shading the house to reduce solar heat while generating electricity from an array of photovoltaics. Solar thermal generation and innovative closed-loop strategies are used to recycle 95% of the water used. Deeply integrated into the home, this technology allows the users to monitor energy production and consumption on one of nine desktop screens provided in the villa interior design in the Dubai.

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The sustainable approach to modern villa interior design in Dubai, FutureHAUS has directly affected its interior design, and the different spaces of the villa completely convey the feeling of being in a smart home. In the modern interior design of a villa in UAE motion sensors embedded in the glass floor turn off lights and electrical appliances when the room is empty. Powered by DC rails, movable walls offer flexible space and optimize user experience while occupying a smaller footprint.

Villa interior design in the Dubai

Interior design of a villa in UAE

Villa Dubai Hills was a development shell and main structure of 3,000 square meters overlooking the 18th hole of the highly sought-after golf course with a spectacular backdrop of the Dubai skyline purchased by a private client from Europe through LUXHABITAT. LUXHABITAT began to lead the design process and then contacted An Architect on behalf of the client and followed their request to transform the existing shell purchased into a new and permanent home for a successful young family relocating and starting a new life, in terms of Architecture contacted them.

The practice in the villa interior design in the Dubai was commissioned to re-plan and design a residence where the family could grow, manage their busy lives, and express their passions for fashion, art, motorsport, and luxury gatherings. The final goal of Dubai Villa Hills as an interior design of a villa in UAE was to create a simple and contemporary home, rich in materials and detailed with clean architectural lines and proportions that would transform the pre-defined shell.

The first steps in Villa Dubai Hills as a modern villa interior design in Dubai were to transform the shell plan with a new architectural intervention into a large central courtyard space that created a new gallery entrance that better connects the front and back of the property and creates a cozy courtyard.

On the first floor of the project Dubai villa design, the established plan was reworked to increase the private dressing areas for the master suite. For the children's area, we connected the two-bedroom suites with a shared homework and storage space, which then opens up into a TV room, playroom, and cozy space for the kids to enjoy with their friends. The program of villa interior design in the Dubai includes a private gym and superbly crafted wellness space, office, cinema, and his-and-her workspace, all seamlessly integrated into the existing floor plan. Be with us by introducing and reviewing the Dubai tower architecture.

The shell of the original structure in the interior design of a villa in UAE was 3,000 square meters dense with framed openings under roof overhangs and porches. With this inherent "mass" of the existing structure, we approached the interior architecture of the property as integrated and modern with internal walls and large-format natural stone floors to balance the large floor-to-ceiling height (4.5m) in our villa interior design in the Dubai. Intricate natural wood joinery and cabinetry soften the mass of stone and create a sense of calm, adding warmer colors and natural grain to any room. Another point in the Dubai Villa Hills as a Dubai villa design project was crystal clear metal and glass elements added to the materiality throughout the villa adding precision to the final touch. Dubai Villa Hills is a luxurious and private family home that lacks any particular style or aesthetic, the design language is derived through this process to create a home for a young and successful family and their elegant taste.

In the interior design of a villa in UAE due to the large scale of the property, one particular element that helped to humanize the volumes, heights, and distances were beautifully integrated, and the discrete light where the effect was visible, and the technical connections were purposefully hidden. The artificial light programming was also gradual, creating a prolonged transition between day and night to create a more natural and soothing effect with sunset rather than a sudden contrast that would disrupt natural circadian rhythms.

Interior design of a villa in UAE

Design of villas in the UAE

Etereo Design was hired to renovate this two-bedroom apartment located in Al Barari; a community known as the "Green Heart of Dubai". The clients, a young couple, wanted their modern villa interior design in Dubai to have a dialogue with the natural exterior. The ground floor of their Dubai villa design opens onto the community's lush vegetation, framed by floor-to-ceiling windows that filter in natural light during the day.

Regarding the design of villas in the UAE, the owners of Al Barari mentioned that: “We were greatly influenced by the modern architectural movement of the 20th century due to its focus on beautiful simplicity. In dialogue with the structure of the apartment and its dramatic natural surroundings, we pioneered an aesthetic that derives from these historical codes in a contemporary and personal way. We thought about the interior design of a villa in UAE creating a calm, neutral color and material palette to complement rather than compete with the outside environment. We commissioned a pewter gray Antigua marble dining table that is lit by a very contemporary black geometric chandelier. Marble has character, but is also balanced by the neutrality of the micro-finish on the floor. Other types of marble continue the natural palette throughout the house and form a thread throughout the address. Other pieces of furniture – from mirrors to dining chairs – showcase clean lines as well as geometric and organic forms to cultivate a sense of calm in the space and maintain a minimalist aesthetic. A standout piece for us is a mid-century black armchair that we discovered at a vintage market in Italy. By villa interior design in the Dubai project, we renovated this historic piece in a contemporary and bespoke way and made it a talking point in the living room.

To have natural light in the design of villas in the UAE

In our interior design of a villa in UAE, we wanted to maximize the natural light flow of the apartment as much as possible, so the lighting was designed to avoid overexposure. In the master bathroom, we introduced smart glass to facilitate the flow of natural light and maintain a visual connection with the outdoors without compromising the privacy of the home. It's subtle additions like this that helped us achieve the balance between the inner and outer worlds that the client was hoping to achieve” (said the designers of the villa).

Design of villas in the UAE

Dubai villa Design

Let's read the story of this villa interior design in the Dubai in the language of its owner:

“An opportunity arose for me and my husband to move from London to Dubai. We are free-spirited and love the sun, so it was an easy transition. Dubai is a melting pot of talent and innovation - it's an exciting place to be right now, especially as a creative.

Design of villas in the UAE and an artist’s family

To describe my villa interior design in the Dubai I must mention that I come from a creative family - my parents are graphic and design technology teachers. Since I was a child, I was introduced to the processes, materials, and media of design. I was given the freedom to express myself creatively and I was always messing around, making things, drawing, or sewing. As an adult, I had no fear of developing my sense of style and taste. I moved to London to study fashion design at the London College of Fashion. My appreciation for color and texture dates back to college. I was experimenting with fabric and draped different fabrics around the mannequins. After graduation, I worked as a fashion designer and then as a model – I learned a lot through exposure to creatives in the fashion world.For more information, visit the Best tower design in dubai


Now, I am an abstract artist known for my vibrant, multi-layered resin artwork. My work is based on chronology - the psychology of color and the emotional and physical impact it has. Color can change a person's mental state. We all know the positive effect that sunlight has on our health, color can have the same effect as a beautiful piece of music. In my modern villa interior design in Dubai, I get inspiration from everywhere, but travel has been a huge influence. I find it interesting that colors are used for different purposes in different cultures.

At the moment I live with my husband in our six-bedroom villa in Jumeirah 3, just a minute from the beach! By the method of our modern villa interior design in Dubai, I start each day with a dip in the sea - it's good for the soul.

Dubai villa Design

In Nat Bowen as Dubai villa design project, the interior space has clean lines and sharp angles. It was important to soften it by bringing in furniture and objects with curved lines that are textured and tactile. The color comes from the artwork! I use the villa as a showcase for my art and it acts as a rotating gallery, new artwork is hung as pieces are acquired on the wall. Like a clean contemporary aesthetic but with a mid-century twist. A lot of the furniture has a bit of a retro feel. The furniture palette is either white or neutral with a focus on texture. The living room has boucle sofas and a cement coffee table, while sleek pontoon chairs and a large lacquered table feature in the dining area. In the bedroom, there is an emperor-sized acacia wood bed with plenty of pillows and a cozy textured rug.

design of villas in the UAE or an art gallery?

The neutral and modern villa interior design in Dubai allows the colors of my artwork to appear in a gallery setting. Music is often played in the home and we carefully selected custom interior scents for each room to create a sensory experience

We use different parts of the house in our interior design of a villa in UAE in different ways. The ground floor is open plan with large glass doors leading out to the garden and pool. It is a place where we have fun. On the first floor, there is another very pleasant sitting area - I am preparing a home library here. The master bedroom on the third floor is light and airy, with doors leading to a terrace with sea views”.

Dubai villa Design